Melissa Weisman is a filmmaker, writer, actor, comedian, and health & fitness coach

From NYC to San Diego, CA

Melissa Weisman is a filmmaker and stand-up comedian living in San Diego, CA. She was born & raised in New York and very much considers herself a true New Yorker! She produced 4 short films and is currently writing a comedy TV pilot. Melissa enjoys writing about real life situations with a twist of dark humor.  
Melissa has always expressed herself through creativity and humor. Being an artist is what makes her whole.  
She is also a nutrition & wellness coach and personal trainer, as fitness and helping others is a critical aspect of her life, as well.  
Relatability is important in Melissa’s films. She loves to create situations that people may have experienced in their own life! 
One day Melissa hopes to be able to work with a larger budget. She funded all of her films herself with little money, but she made it happen regardless!