Life of a Female Comedian

Being a woman in comedy can be exciting and promising. There are less female comics than male, so it can be easier to stand out. But what comes with being female has its obstacles… men hitting on you. It can be a comic, an audience member, or a random social media follower.

First thing is setting boundaries in the comedy community and letting the male comics know you’re here to do standup, not to hookup with comics (unless that’s what you want…lol…best of luck!)

Second, be polite to audience but don’t feel obliged to talk to anyone you don’t want to. I suggest declining a man buying you a drink if you have no interest in talking to him.

For me, the worst part is male audience members thinking I’m some easy chick they can get with, based on the fact that my humor is raunchy. Just because I tell a raunchy story on stage doesn’t mean that I am defined by that story. These types of men can f*ck off. My gosh. Scumbags!!!

Please be kind and respectful to female comedians. We are vulnerable on stage, putting in time and effort into our act, and the last thing we want is some disrespectful drunk bothering us.

Published by Melissa Weisman

Standup Comedian based in San Diego & travels all over for show. Originally from NYC!

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